Bravo Microsoft!

In my post about Continous integration in Visual Studio Team Services, I wrote it’s impossible to build a code written in .NET Core 1.1 using Team Services successfully. After Microsoft replaced JSON configuration file by csproj they didn’t update the build definition. A predefined hosted agent was still looking for JSON file (An agent is an installable software that runs one build or deployment job at a time).

However, four months after the issue was reported and one month after Visual Studio 2017 was released the problem has been finally resolved. Microsoft added a new hosted agent to run the build and everything works as expected now.

So let’s take a look at what to do to make the build work. There are only two simple steps needed. First, go to Builds tab and edit the build definition.

Second, go to Options and change the Default hosted agent to Hosted VS2017.

That’s all. Now you can run the build and see the beloved green colour of success.


Build and Release Agents
Hosted agents
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