Connecting Visual Studio Team Services to GitHub repository

At the end of my previous post, I mentioned that I’m going to use Visual Studio Team Services and a moment later I realized that I’m using the GitHub as a code repository and obviously these two tools don’t work together. Wait a second… but actually, they do. After I was looking on the Internet for some information about how to connect the GitHub repository on Team Services I’ve found the answer in the Team Services documentation page. What a surprise! Since the documentation differs slightly from how the Team Services currently looks I decided to describe it in detail.

It is possible to connect the Team Services to the GitHub repository in two ways:

  • using GitHub account
  • using a personal access token

I’ve chosen the first one (using GitHub account) and I’m going to show you this approach.

Documentation advises you to turn off pop-up blocker first. Of course, I ignored this advice and I got stuck later looking at the screen and waiting for something to happen. So I advise you to turn off pop-ups blocker before you start too. Here is how you can do this in Google Chrome.

After pop-ups are turned on you can start connecting the Team Service to the GitHub using GitHub account.

On the Code tab click Manage repositories link.


Then go to Services.


Click New Service Endpoint and chose GitHub.


In the Add New GitHub Service Connection dialog box, select Grant authorization, and then click Authorize.


In a new browser window, sign in to GitHub and follow the instructions to authorise Visual Studio Team Services to access your GitHub account.


After authorization, you should have new service endpoint added.

Now you should be able to work using the Visual Studio Team Services and the GitHub at the same time.

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