Project objectives

I’ve decided to write an application for Google tasks management because Google doesn’t allow to display them from different task lists at the same time. If you have only one list it’s not a problem. But if you have more of them like me then managing task using Google calendar is very inconvenient. I have an application installed on my mobile which allows me to see all tasks from different lists on one screen together but I can’t find any web or desktop application to accomplish it on my PC. So the main goal of the application is simple – to display all tasks whatever list they belong at the same time.

To achieve this goal there are some intermediate steps that have to be taken.  These steps are:

  • set up a website in ASP .Net core technology
  • allows users to log in with Google account – this will be an application to manage Google tasks so Google account is required anyway.
  • display and manage Google tasks – I have to check if there are some ready .net libraries not to reinventing the wheel.

Sounds easy and it probably is, but I’m not familiar with web technologies. I have great experience in WPF but almost none in the web. That’s why I’ve decided not to set ambitious goals. I will be really happy if I achieve just what I described above.

Moreover, it is important to me that the application is available online from the very beginning. If there is continues deployment feature in Visual Studio Team Service (Visual Studio Online – an old name) <EDIT> I’m going to use it.

I forgot that I’m using GitHub…


By the way, I have to install Visual Studio…

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